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After School Enrichment Classes Fall 2019

Session 1 Starts Monday, September 9!

Note class durations and dates may vary.

Instructors on-site at class release to greet your student at meetup locations.

Classes are 1 hour in length held immediately after school ends.

Early classes for minimum days (Sept 23-Sept 27). 

No classes held on non-student days (Fri Oct 4 and Mon Nov 11)

TENNIS – Meets on Redhill blacktop. $145
Learn the game of tennis in a fun environment. Skills and Strategies covered by instructor. Equipment provided. 
HANDBALL- Meets on Redhill blacktop. $180
Learn handball and develop motor skills, strength, coordination, and confidence. 
GAME MASTERS- Meets in Redhill Lunch Tables $135
Gain skills for success through different parlour games each week. Increase critical and abstract thinking, problem solving, focus, perspective taking and confidence through fun games. 
KEYBOARDS- Meets in Redhill Library $189
Learn how to play music on electronic keyboards in a fun environment. New songs each session! 

CHESS CLUB - Meets on Redhill Library $130
Chess improves critical thinking and problem solving skills.  Designed for all skill levels.  
VOICE- Meets in Redhill Lunch Tables View Flier when available for details
Arts and Learning Conservatory presents classes to encourage stage presence and teach vocal technique.

ENVIRONMENTAL NATURE CENTER (ENC) - Meets at Redhill Lunch Tables $80
Learn about key environmental concepts (water quality, biodiversity, natural habitats) & engage with animals in each class! 
FASHION CAMP/SEWING- Offered to Grades 2-5.   Meets in Redhill Library. $210
Creative learning program centered around fashion design and sewing. Have fun while developing a great life skill. 
YOUNG REMBRANDTS- Meets at Redhill Lunch Tables . $118
Learn fundamental art and core learning skills while producing beautiful colored drawings. New drawings every week!
PICKLEBALL- Meets on Redhill Blacktop $160
Fun and Easy.  Cross between ping pong/badminton/tennis. Equipment provided. Great stepping stone to tennis!

PALETTE STATION- Meets at Redhill lunch tables. $150 per student $135 for siblings
Learn from professional artists with new projects each week. All materials provided.
ENGINEERING WITH LEGOS- Meets in Redhill Library. View flier when available for details
Work with legos to learn a variety of math & engineering topics. Develop organizational, fine motor skills, teamwork & strategy.

BASKETBALL- Meets on Redhill blacktop. $125
Practice through drills, competition, scrimmages & reinforce positive attitudes about effort, respect, and teamwork. New and returning students encouraged to join in! Boys and girls! 
SPEECH AND DEBATE- Meets in Redhill Library  $142
Develop critical thinking skills and communication skills that will benefit personal life and future careers. Help your child find their voice!
Magic- Meets at Redhill Outdoor Lunch Tables. View Flier when available for details
Learn magic tricks and craft magic gear while developing motor skills, teamwork and enhance public speaking skills. 
GAME TIME- Meets on Redhill blacktop. $145
Emphasize sportsmanship and teamwork while gaining fitness through a variety of sports games including handball, frisbee, obstacles, relays, kickball and many more. 

 TO REGISTER FOR CLASSES: Go to Forms & Flyers tab  CLICK on Individual Class for class description & registration information. Please note: classes may be cancelled up to the first week if there is low enrollment. Enroll early! 

●      Questions please contact Diana Hoyt ASE Coordinator

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Red Hill Spirit Wear is on SALE NOW!

Please Note: This year Red Hill is not having an Ice Cream Social.
You will be able to either have your spirit wear shipped or pick up at school.

The deadline for orders is July 22nd.

Questions? Contact Kerrie Garcia at

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Attention Parents
Our online school supply shop is now open!

You can order yours NOW by going HERE.

If you choose to purchase supplies on your own, the lists
of suggested school supplies can be found HERE.

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Don't Forget to Record Your Volunteer Hours!
Each year, the Red Hill PTA is required to report the number of volunteer hours that are completed by our school community

Volunteer hours are collected and reported to maintain the PTA's federal tax exemption status. As a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, the PTA must receive one-third of its support from the general public. The recorded hours from volunteers are proof of this.

You can periodically record your volunteer hours online HERE

If unable to use the online form, please stop by the front office and record the hours you have volunteered for Red Hill students, staff, and community! There is a clipboard labeled "Volunteer Hours" near the sign-in sheet on the counter in the front office.

Thank you for your support!