2019- 2020 Birthday Book Club
Red Hill's Birthday Book Club is a wonderful way to honor your child's birthday, while giving a lasting gift to the Red Hill Library. Students in all grades are eligible to join the Birthday Book Club and create a special birthday memory.

There are four Birthday Book Club times scheduled throughout the year. During these special times, celebrants come to the library for a birthday treat and will select a new, pre-purchased book to donate to our library. A special label with the child's name will be placed inside the book for posterity, and the book honoree can be the first to check it out from the library. Afterward, all Birthday Book Club books will be permanently added to our library collection so that they can be read and enjoyed by all Red Hill students for years to come.

For more information, contact Sandra Boyd at sandrareyboyd@yahoo.com.

Birthday Book Club

Honor your child’s birthday, while giving a lasting gift to the Red Hill Library! 

Each participant will be invited to the library for a birthday celebration to select a book that will become a part of Red Hill's library. The selected book will have a special label placed inside for posterity. 

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