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Fall Session Starts Monday, September 9th!
Note class durations and dates vary.
Instructors on-site at release times to greet your student at meetup locations.
Classes are offered for Grades 1 to 5 (unless otherwise specified).

TENNIS – Meets on Redhill blacktop. $145
Learn the game of tennis in a fun environment. Skills and Strategies covered by instructor. Equipment provided. 
HANDBALL- Meets on Redhill blacktop. $180
Learn handball and develop motor skills, strength, coordination, and confidence. 
GAME MASTERS- Meets in Redhill Lunch Tables $135
Gain skills for success through different parlour games each week. Increase critical and abstract thinking, problem solving, focus, perspective taking and confidence through fun games. 
KEYBOARDS- Meets in Redhill Library $189
Learn how to play music on electronic keyboards in a fun environment. New songs each session! 

CHESS CLUB - Meets on Redhill Library $130
Chess improves critical thinking and problem solving skills.  Designed for all skill levels.  
VOICE- Meets in Redhill Lunch Tables
Arts and Learning Conservatory presents classes to encourage stage presence and teach vocal technique.

ENVIRONMENTAL NATURE CENTER (ENC) - Meets at Redhill Lunch Tables $80
Learn about key environmental concepts (water quality, biodiversity, natural habitats) & engage with animals in each class! 
FASHION CAMP/SEWING- Offered to Grades 2-5.   Meets in Redhill Library. $210
Creative learning program centered around fashion design and sewing. Have fun while developing a great life skill. 
YOUNG REMBRANDTS- Meets at Redhill Lunch Tables . $118
Learn fundamental art and core learning skills while producing beautiful colored drawings. New drawings every week!
PICKLEBALL- Meets on Redhill Blacktop $160
Fun and Easy. Cross between ping pong/badminton/tennis. Equipment provided. Great stepping stone to tennis

PALETTE STATION- Meets at Redhill lunch tables. $150 per student $135 for siblings
Learn from professional artists with new projects each week. All materials provided.
ENGINEERING WITH LEGOS- Meets in Redhill Library. Work with legos to learn a variety of math & engineering topics. Develop organizational, fine motor skills, teamwork & strategy.

BASKETBALL- Meets on Redhill blacktop. $125
Practice through drills, competition, scrimmages & reinforce positive attitudes about effort, respect, and teamwork. New and returning students encouraged to join in! Boys and girls! 
SPEECH AND DEBATE- Meets in Redhill Library  $142
Develop critical thinking skills and communication skills that will benefit personal life and future careers. Help your child find their voice!
Magic- Meets at Redhill Outdoor Lunch Tables.
Learn magic tricks and craft magic gear while developing motor skills, teamwork and enhance public speaking skills. 
GAME TIME- Meets on Redhill blacktop. $145
Emphasize sportsmanship and teamwork while gaining fitness through a variety of sports games including handball, frisbee, obstacles, relays, kickball and many more. 

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